Philippines scraps visa requirements for Mozambique

APA-Maputo (Mozambique)

The chairman of the Mozambican Economic Cooperation and External Relations Department of the Confederation of Economic Associations (CTA), Noor Momade, has said Mozambican citizens who travelling to the Philippines are exempt from entry visas.

Under this arrangement, they can stay up to 30 days with the possibility of renewing their stay.
CTA is the official partner of dialogue with the government, in the private sector representation and working towards a better business environment in Mozambique, through the promotion of economic and regulatory reforms.

Noor Momade made the announcement on Sunday after a meeting with the Philippines ambassador to Mozambique, Gerald Angels.

The meeting was aimed at strengthening business relations between the two countries.

"The visa waiver for the Philippines will facilitate the entry of people and promote the tourist destinations of both countries", Momade told a APA in a brief interview on Sunday.

He added that CTA expressed the interest of developing business in this area, as it is one of the world's leading tourist destinations.

Momade announced that an entourage of Mozambican entrepreneurs will also travel to the Philippines to prospect for business opportunities, as well as invite investors from Mozambique to travel to Mozambique.

The Philippines ambassador expressed his country's interest in several areas of interest for investment, namely health, agriculture, fishing, among others for small and medium enterprises.

"However, over time there will be specific interests from government to government in larger projects. That is why, in the Mozambican business delegation that we are organizing, we think it is appropriate to include members of the Government, "said Gerald Angels.

This meeting comes three months after a group of Filipino entrepreneurs climbed Mozambique to learn about existing business opportunities.

The Philippines is not yet represented at the embassy level in the country having such a mission in South Africa and, in Mozambique, it has been represented by a consulate since 2017.


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