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    Police Chief warns media, civil society against incitement

    APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone)

    Sierra Leone’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) Richard Moigbeh has warned the media and civil society against incitement amidst debate of the proposed security plan for the elections by the police.

    The police boss was said to have expressed concern on Tuesday about misinformation being spread on both the social and mainstream media on the proposed restriction of private and commercial motorised vehicles on election day.

    As part of its security plan, the police say it would restrict movement on voting day and that only government owned and authorized private vehicles would be allowed on the roads.

    The opposition has condemned this plan and has vowed to challenge it.

    The IGP, who was appalled by the extent of the discussion on the issue, noted that some people have misinterpreted the proposal to suggest a total shut down and threatened arrests for such people.

    "This is a warning to all of us, irrespective of your political interest, belonging or any other interests on the ongoing public misinformation, pronouncements and incitement over the social media, in print and electronic media,” he said.

    “My patience is thinning out and the discussions have been very inciting, very misinforming and to me it is very unpatriotic. I want to warn that this irresponsible conduct done deliberately to undermine social order, public safety and national security must stop. People will soon be pursued and brought to book within the rule of law," the IGP added.


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