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    Press highlights government payroll cleansing

    APA-Accra (Ghana)

    The Ghanaian press on Thursday highlights a nationwide exercise embarked upon by the Auditor General of Ghana, Mr. Daniel Dormelevo, to cleanse government payroll.

    The Daily Graphic said the Auditor General (A-G) is currently collaborating with Ghana's premier Special Prosecutor, Martin Alamisi Amidu, to conduct an exercise to audit the entire payroll of the public service.

    The newspaper states that the issue of ghost names on government payroll has for the past years persisted despite various attempts to cleanse such names from the system.

    It said the A-G was now ensuring that people on government payroll were validated to help erase all on the payroll, who do not deserve to be there.

    The audit is expected to commence next Tuesday.

    The Ghanaian Times for its part, said a senior lecturer at the Economics Department of the University of Ghana, Dr. Eric Osei-Yeboah, has impressed upon government to adopt aggressive tax policy to help sustain and consolidate the economic gains made so far.


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