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    Rencontres Africa 2017 discusses digital economy

    APA-Tunis (Tunisia) From APA Special Correspondent Omar Dieng

    The importance of the digital economy in Africa’s development was at the heart of a panel discussion at the Rencontres Africa in Tunis on Thursday, with the debaters submitting that the development of this sector depends heavily on infrastructure and the related regulatory framework.

    Tunisia’s Secretary of State for Digital Economy, Habib Debbabi, said they must get out of the technical approach they have always had in telecommunications and integrate a good deal of the digital economy.

    Tunisian participants in the panel discussions said the changes related to a true digital economy are slowly taking shape in their country, and challenged the Minister on this issue.

    Mr. Debbabi explained that the delays are motivated by the concern to do good work, such as requiring the elaboration of a digital code for the country, and getting the opinion of the citizens on this matter through public consultations.

    He admitted that administrative delays can dampen the momentum already registered, and added that if Tunisia does not digitally transform its economy, it will lose its advantage as a hub.

    The expert, trainer and blogger, Nour El Houda Bouakline, moved by the situation, said it required urgent measures, and she made a lengthy plea for progress, pointing out that going digital will serve as an extraordinary tool with which to “solve social injustices.”


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