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Russia-Ukraine war: African neutrality holds firm

APA-Dakar (Senegal)

African neutrality in the face of the Russia-Ukraine debacle could not be knocked off its perch nine months into the conflict.

The generality of African nations recently boycotted a vote in favour of adopting a UN resolution calling on Russia to pay war reparations to Ukraine.

Twenty-seven countries on the continent abstained from voting on Monday's resolution. 

Five nations namely Mali, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, the Central African Republic and Eritrea, voted against it.

 In total, 94 countries voted in favour of the resolution, 14 against while 73 abstained.

 Nearly 50 countries co-sponsored the resolution on the establishment of an international compensation mechanism for damage, loss and injury, as well as a registry to document evidence and claims related to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.



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