Rwanda: State to send satellite into orbit

APA-Kigali (Rwanda)

Rwanda is currently collaborating with the Japanese government to launch its first-ever satellite for telecommunications.

APA reliably learned Wednesday from an official source in Kigali that the satellite will be deployed to its preset orbit by the end of 2019.
This was confirmed by Japanese Ambassado to Rwanda Takayuki Miyashita.
Reports indicate that “the life span of a satellite is 15 years".

Rwandan officials emphasize that “the new satellite will provide transmission capability to and from any location on Earth, no matter how remote.”

The new space technology will also provide high-quality communication available to the country, including remote rural regions of Rwanda without requiring a huge investment in ground-based infrastructure based, the Japanese diplomat said.

The move comes at a time when Rwanda has adopted Vision 2020, which is aimed at building a knowledge-based economy.

To achieve this goal, the country has invested in various ICT infrastructure development initiatives across strategic sectors of the national economy.


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