Rwanda to host first ever Africa Drone Forum

APA - Kigali (Rwanda)

Rwanda will be hosting the Africa Drone Forum and Flying Competitions in 2020 from 5 to 7 February next year, an official source revealed Monday in Kigali.

Rwandan authorities said the forum will showcase the latest drone technology, gather experts and regulators together in a symposium, and challenge leading drone companies to take part in flying competitions with real-world elements.

Reports said Rwanda was chosen as a host country because it currently one of  the only countries that has policies in place that allow for the types  of applications being demonstrated in the competition.

In  addition, the country is already a success story in the use of drones as the company Zipline, which delivers medical products by the use of  drones, makes deliveries to dozens of hospitals and health facilities  every day in Kigali and surrounding areas.

Zipline, which recently reached a valuation of a billion dollars, is amongst the most tested drone services in the world.

According to the organizers of the forum, companies leading the way in drone  technology are expected to be invited to the flying competition to  compete.

During the challenge, the World Economic Forum will engage with regulators on how to create policies that enable the safe usage of drone technology in their respective countries, it said.

Experts are convinced that drone technology has the capacity to transform  infrastructure, creating low-cost, fast and futuristic models of  transportation.

This can greatly benefit places with tough  terrains where other means of transport cannot reach and also rural and  remote areas, reports said

According experts,  the result would  be access to goods, products, and services, benefiting residents and  industries in the area.


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