Rwanda’s Meteorology department warns of more heavy rains

APA - Kigali (Rwanda)

Rwanda Meteorology Agency on Thursday warned that heavy rains could persist up to the end of this week, a situation that requires all sectors to adapt to disaster effects that will come as a result.

The weather alert was issued after heavy rains hit on Wednesday several parts across Rwanda including the capital city Kigali and its outskirts late Wednesday evening, blocking roads and destroying infrastructures.

According to the Police and local administrative authorities, the rains also flooded the lower floors of some buildings across Kigali city, but some roads that were briefly closed have been reopened after
the measures were taken.

Humidity in the Indian Ocean continues to increase and trigger heavy rains in the Great Horn of Africa (GHA) and the entire East African region (...) These heavy rains will continue up to the end of December, the meteorological agency said.

Experts predict that all sectors can be affected by disasters but agriculture, transport and energy are most affected sector.

Official estimates show that 70 people died countrywide between January and September 2019, due to disasters in Rwanda.

Reports indicate that 177 people were injured during the same period, 4,095 houses were damaged, 6,708 hectares of crops destroyed, while 167 livestock were killed.


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