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S/Africa arrest ‘Pitbull’ woman after ‘racist’ rant

APA-Pretoria (South Africa)

The South African Police Services (SAPS) have arrested a woman named Belinda Magor for her racial outburst following remarks she made after a Pitbull killed an infant recently in the country, according to Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi on Sunday.

The police said they arrested the woman following an investigation into a voice note on a WhatsApp group calling for the killing of black men and removal of productive organs of black women showed that Magor was behind the racist remarks, Lesufi said.

 The voice note was shared in the WhatsApp group for Pitbull owners called Pitbulls Be My Voice this week.  

 The group has over 300 members from different races across the country, who were left in shock by Magor’s racial utterances, who said that black men were “worse than Pitbulls.”

 She added: “Ban the black man. They rape, steal, and kill worse than any Pitbull could, and they get away with it. Ban those that are making the laws, ban Ekurhuleni, ban the black man.”


“Get all the black women and cut out their uteruses and ovaries so that they cannot procreate because they will all turn out the same because they are all the same,” she ranted.


“Kill them, shoot them, and get rid of them because they are the problem, not Pitbulls, not animals. God created those animals. Who created the black man? Do you think God did? I don’t think so,” Magor said in the voice note.


Her outburst came during a discussion about the spate of attacks that Pitbulls have been waging on children in recent weeks, which led to some people calling for the total ban of the breed as pets.


Writing on his Facebook account, Lesufi welcomed the arrest of 60-year-old Magor.


“We can now formally confirm that she [Magor] was picked and locked up at the Daveyton Police Station,” Lesufi said.


Turning to Twitter, another social media platform, he said: “Thank you so much SAPS for her arrest. Truly appreciate the swiftness. 


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