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    South Africa-Water-Shortage

    S/Africa: Cape Town sets new “Day Zero" amid water crisis

    APA-Cape Town (South Africa)

    The South African city of Cape Town has rolled back “Day Zero” from 12 to 16 April, opposition Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane has announced.

    "This is crucial progress, and I offer my thanks and congratulations to all residents who have joined in this campaign to defeat Day Zero with such commitment.

    “Their efforts (to save water) have shown fruit. We have started to push back Day Zero, and we can defeat it altogether if we keep going," Maimane, whose party runs the city government, said on Wednesday.

    According to the latest data, dam levels for Cape Town were 26.3% on 29 January from 26.6% on 26 January.

    According to a city statement, the average daily water production of all water sources is at 580 ml per day compared to the target of 450 millilitres per day.

    "This is great progress but to truly defeat Day Zero we need to aim to cut consumption to 450 million litres a day," Maimane said.

    But if Day Zero does arrive, water taps will be cut off except for the central busy district (CBD) and commercial and industrial zones.

    "Pushing back Day Zero by four days may not seem like a lot. But actually it is a significant victory. It shows that residents are coming together and cutting water consumption," he said.

    The DA leader also announced that the city secured an additional 67 million litres a day for a period of nearly 60 days, starting in early February. This is part of the 120 million-litre augmentation announced last week.

    "Last week we expected this additional capacity to only come online by May, but now more than half will be available from early February. This speeding-up of water augmentation will help us greatly to defeat Day Zero," Maimane said.

    Meanwhile, retailers continue to cash in as panic-stricken Capetonians are buying bottled water in bulk at retail shops.


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