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APA-Freetown-(Sierra Leone)

The value of the SANUSI Currency Index depreciated by 1.13% against the US Dollar over the week, August 12-19, 2022.

The value of Liberian Dollar, Nigerian Naira, Gambian Dalasi, Ghanaian Cedi, CFA Franc, Cape Verdean Escudo, Central African CFA Franc, South African Rand, Angolan Kwanza, Kenyan Shilling, Ethiopian Birr, Moroccan Dirham and Egyptian Pound depreciated against the US Dollar over the week.

However, the Sierra Leonean Leone, Guinean Franc, Botswana Pula and the Algerian Dinar appreciated against the US Dollar. The Tanzanian Shilling was stable.  


The Fractal Grid tables compare the percentage changes in exchange rates of eighteen African currencies and percentage changes in prices of fifteen commodities exported from Africa.

The SANUSI 18 Index is a basket of 18 African currencies.


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