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Schwarzenegger not pressing charges against S/African attacker

APA-Johannesburg (South Africa)

The Arnold Classic Africa Multisport Festival has released a statement following an attack by a man who high-kicked US movie superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger at a sporting event in Johannesburg at the weekend.

In the statement on Sunday, the organisers described the man as "a crazed fan" and said he is "known to the police for orchestrating similar incidents in the past."

The statement did not elaborate.

They however said Schwarzenegger would not be pressing charges against the man, whom they said was “trying to be famous”.

The action hero thanked fans for their concerns.

The American had earlier said that he initially thought he simply got "jostled by the crowd" and only realised that he got kicked after viewing the viral video on the incident.

He urged fans to share, instead, his posts about the athletes taking part in the festival, rather than a video of a "guy who wants to be famous."  

The attack did not cause Arnold any serious injury, with the actor and former Governor of California appearing to have only momentary lost his footing in the video.


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