Senegal: 750 white pelicans die in Senegal’s national park

APA - Dakar (Senegal)

Senegalese authorities have confirmed the death of 750 white pelicans at the Djoudj Bird Park, located in the region of Saint-Louis (north).

According to the National Parks Administration, they include 740 adult pelicans and 10 young ones.

“During the period of migration and high concentration of water birds in the Djoudj National Bird Park (PNOD), cases of mortality are sometimes reported in pelican populations, especially among the youngest ones,” the National Parks services explain in a press release.

Following this discovery, visits to the park are suspended until further notice.

The Djoudj National Bird Park (PNOD) is located about 60 kilometers north of Saint-Louis. It is the third largest bird sanctuary in the world.

The number of migratory birds is estimated at some three million, divided into 350 species, in particular the flamingos, the white pelicans; four species of egrets, the Gambian goose and the gray heron. You can also observe great cormorants, kingfishers or ospreys.

Monitor lizards and pythons sometimes hide in the grass, as do small crocodiles. As for mammals, these are mostly cows, red monkeys and warthogs, but hyenas, Libyan cats, servals and dorcas gazelles also live in the park.


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