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    Senegal confirms 11 cases of Dengue Fever

    APA - Dakar (Senegal)

    Senegal’s Ministry of Health and Social Action (MSAS) has confirmed at least eleven cases of Dengue Fever in the northern town of Louga.

    Following the confirmation of nine cases of the disease in the town by the Pasteur Institute of Dakar (IPD), the ministry dispatched an epidemiological team under the supervision of the Center for Emergency Medical Operations (COUS) to support the healthcare unit stationed in the region. 

    The ministry said in a statement that investigations have confirmed eleven new cases out of 61 samples tested on October 26.


    The ministry claimed there were no fatalities or serious cases, adding that all the patients who tested positive for the disease are doing well and have resumed their normal activities.

     It warned of the existence of ecological conditions particularly conducive to the spread of the vector.

    The MSAS has since began regular checks on affected people, monitoring the spread of the vector throughout the region, and sensitizing the population on hygiene.

    “The Ministry of Health and Social Action relies on the active collaboration of communities and urges them to keep calm. The situation in the region is under control. Populations will be kept regularly informed of the evolution of the disease,” the statement added.

    Dengue cases have already been recorded in Senegal, where all serotypes of DENV 1 to 4 have been found, particularly in the country’s southeast region of Kedougou, where several epizootic outbreaks of DENV2 have been witnessed since the 1970s.

    Sporadic cases of Dengue were also reported in 1981 and 1984.

    In 2009, a major Dengue 3 epidemic broke out with many cases recorded in Dakar and Mbour.

    From September 2014 to December 2015, 42 cases were also confirmed, particularly in the administrative districts of Dakar, Pikine-Guediawaye, Mbour and Mbacke.


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