Senegal court upholds ruling against Dakar mayor

APA - Dakar (Senegal)

The Dakar Court of Appeals upheld the 2017 ruling over the 2011 shooting death of Ndiaga Diouf.

 By Ibrahima Dione

By this latest ruling Barthelemy Dias has lost his appeal for the court's decision to be overturned. 

Dias's conviction in first instance, two years, including six months in jail and payment of 25 million CFA francs in damages was confirmed on Wednesday, September 21, by the Court of Appeal in Dakar, over “involuntary manslaughter.” 

The court also dismissed the civil party's claim for 150 million CFA francs. 

The mayor of the capital served his sentence between 28 December 2011 and 22 May 2012.

Fact review 

On December 22, 2011, Dias an alleged henchmen of the ruling Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS) raided the town hall in Mermoz-Sacré Cœur against the backdrop of electoral tension. 

President Abdoulaye Wade had decided to run for a third term. 

Barthelemy Dias, the mayor of this commune, fired several shots and Ndiaga Diouf was killed.

The current deputy has always claimed he had acted in self-defense. 

Over this latest ruling, Dias's lawyers do not rule out an appeal to the Supreme Court.


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