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    Senegal: Donors pledge more than CFAf30b to save St Louis

    APA-Saint-Louis (Senegal)

    President Emmanuel Macron of France and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim on Saturday pledged 15 million euros and 30 million dollars respectively, to tackle the coastal erosion affecting St Louis in Senegal.

    “I have not made the trip just to see the progress of the sea. France will act and invest 15 million euros (more than CFAf9 billion francs) in the protection of St. Louis against coastal erosion”, Emmanuel Macron declared during his trip to the northern city located 266 km from Dakar, as part of his three-day official visit to Senegal.

    He added: "Here we have seen coastal erosion, the economic activity is destroyed and the city backs off. Guet-Ndar deserves our assistance because it is one of the most populated areas in Africa. Its situation challenges our responsibility.”

    World Bank President Yim Kong Jim pledged $ 30 million (more than CFAf21 billion francs).

    President Macky Sall said their trip to St. Louis was aimed at assessing the damage as a consequence of climate change, and to take joint action to address this phenomenon.

    “The advancing sea threatens the Langue de Barbarie zone," Sall declared.

    Commending the financial support of France and the World Bank, the mayor of the city, Mansour Faye, said their commitment is evidence of the strong awareness of world leaders of the need to address the effects of climate change head-on.


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