Senegal launches ‘Sangomar’ oil field development project

APA - Dakar (Senegal)

Phase 1 of the Sangomar oil field development project (100 km off the coast of Dakar) was officially launched Tuesday evening in Dakar, with the signing of the Host State Agreement and that of the final investment decision by the partners in this joint venture.

Speaking at the official launch of the project, Senegalese Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Mouhamadou Makhtar Cisse insisted that this ceremony comes in the heels of decree signed by the President of the Republic authorizing the exploitation by the Australian operators (Far and Woodside), the American Company Cairn Energy and the national petroleum company Petrosen.

“These agreements for which we are gathered here mark the culmination of more than two years of rigorous and diligent work between the various stakeholders,” the minister said.

The Sangomar oil field will produce a total of 230 million barrels, the equivalent of 100,000 barrels per day. The first barrel of oil is expected in 2023, according to Mouhamadou Makhtar Cisse.

With regard to this first phase of exploitation, the Mr. Cisse indicated that it consisted of a drilling campaign for 23 wells, which will be linked to a production, storage and unloading vessel (FPSO, English acronym) ). The latter, whose partners have chosen to purchase it, instead of renting it, is under construction and will arrive in Senegal in 2022, Mr. Cisse added.

If Mr. Cisse’s statement is anything to go by, these activities will require the involvement of Senegalese companies, which will participate in the project value chain, in particular, activities linked to the logistics base that will be located at Mole 1 of the Autonomous Port and which will, among other things, provide goods and services, transport of equipment and provision of labor.

Opportunities will also arise in the areas of manufacturing and waste management, in addition to legal and financial advice; he went on, rejoicing that all this will indirectly increase the range of services for other local companies.


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