Senegal: Provisional poll results expected Thursday, Friday

APA-Dakar (Senegal) By Edouard Touré

Senegal’s vote counting commission has said provisional results of Sunday’s presidential elections will be released in the next three or four days.

The head of the commission, Judge Demba Kandji, pointed out that “on Thursday or Friday at the latest, the provisional results will be announced by the National Vote Counting Commission". 

He added: "The committee’s work begins this Monday. We already have the minutes (PV) of the Autonomous Departmental Electoral Commissions (CEDA) of Saint-Louis (north), Gossas (centre), Guediawaye (Dakar suburb), Malem Hodar (centre), Birkelane (centre), Bambey (centre) and Koungheul (centre)”.

Kandji twho was speaking at a press briefing said throughout the evening, the other CEDAs will finish compiling the results and send the minutes to the vote counting commission, composed of three judges and two representatives of each candidate.

Kandji advised national and international observers and the press to join the commission’s vote-counting process.

“Usually, the press was only invited to proclaim the results, but this time we wanted to innovate by associating it from the beginning. You are privileged witnesses. The only documents we are working on are received from the 45 CEDAs. They are made available to all members of the National Vote Counting Commission, the only body able to correct errors or cancel results,” he said.

When asked about the proclamation of results by politicians, he said curtly that they are “in their role, I am in mine. These are politicians. But “no one has the right to proclaim results except the commission for the provisional results and the Constitutional Council for the final ones”.

On Sunday, 6,683,043 voters were called to choose between the five presidential candidates, including incumbent president, Macky Sall.

In the evening, the Prime Minister, who heads Sall’s campaign team proclaimed victory for the incumbent, claiming at least 57 percent of the ballot.

The opposition, in a joint press conference made an hour earlier, called for a runoff, saying the results of the poll had made a second round inevitable.


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