Senegalese magistrate resigns

APA-Dakar (Senegal)

Senegal’s magistrate Ibrahima Hamidou Dème Monday night announced his resignation from his position with immediate effect.

In a letter addressed to the Senegalese people, Judge Dème, former general substitute of the General Attorney at the Court of Appeal of Dakar who resigned in February 2017 from the Higher Council of the Judiciary, said he is resigning from “A failing judiciary.”

“The judiciary is more and more weakened, even abused from the inside as from the outside. This has resulted in an unprecedented crisis of justice that has lost its credibility and authority. Today, it no longer plays its role of guardian of individual freedoms, social regulator and balance of powers. I am resigning from a judiciary that has resigned,” Judge Ibrahima Hamidou Dème wrote.

According to him, “the sinking of justice is not only a failure of the President of the Republic to its constitutional obligation to guarantee the independence of this institution; but it is above all the responsibility of a large part of the judicial hierarchy that distilled into the body, a culture of submission that has gradually replaced a long culture of honor, dignity and independence.”

“But beyond justice, the whole country is in distress. Senegalese are tired. However, I do not capitulate, for I will remain indefectibly attached to the struggle for the independence of justice, indispensable for the survival of our nation and our democracy. This fight cannot be that of the only magistrates,” he added.

In his opinion, no sector of the national economy is currently spared by precariousness and that Senegalese are crushed by the high cost of living, chronic unemployment and are forced to suffer insecurity, indiscipline, corruption and insalubrity.

“However, the most serious crisis currently affecting our society is a moral crisis. Our cardinal values of dignity, honor, honesty and loyalty are almost abandoned to the detriment of denial, non-respect of the word given, betrayal, lies, etc. which are cultivated by the highest authorities and in the greatest indifference,” he said.


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