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    Senegalese teachers on strike over student death

    APA – Dakar (Senegal)

    The Autonomous Union of Teachers of Higher Education (SAES) in Senegal Wednesday, began a two-day strike in a show of solidarity with students over the death of their colleague Mouhamed Fallou Sène.

    He died during Tuesday’s skirmishes with security forces at Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis in the north of the country.

    "It's unfortunate.. it's a really deplorable situation! The SAES wants to show its support and solidarity with the students. That is why we decided to abandon (Wednesday) and Thursday the lecture rooms in solidarity with them” Secretary General Malick Fall, told the privately-owned Radio Future Media by phone.

    Deploring what they called the disproportionate reaction of the police to deal with students who were demanding their monthly stipends, the unionists warned that they are not ruling out legal action against the security forces.

    “This is the umpteenth case involving police blunder" Fall complained while chronicling what he described as failures that led to the latest tragedy.

    “As the president of the University of St. Louis (Baydallaye Kane) has a proven responsibility in this case, given the note he released yesterday threatening sanctions against students who would access the campus restaurants without tickets”, Fall said including in his list the ministers of the Interior (Aly Ngouille Ndiaye), Higher Education (Mary Teuw Niane) and the Economy and Finance minister (Amadou Bâ).

    Fallou Sene, an undergraduate student at the faculty of Arts and Humanities at the UGB, died after being shot as he and several students clashed with security forces who were denying them access to the campus restaurant.

    Shortly after the shooting, students from the public universities of Dakar, Ziguinchor and Bambey stormed the streets of their respective cities in solidarity with their UGB comrades.


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