Senegal’s ex-leader reiterates poll boycott call

APA-Dakar (Senegal) By Abdourahmane Diallo

Senegal’s former President Abdoulaye Wade has reiterated his call for the country’s presidential election to be boycotted by the opposition.

He was speaking upon his return to Dakar, Wade called on his supporters to “burn” their voter cards and do the same for the electoral register, arguing that the latter are simple documents intended to facilitate “massive fraud” that President Macky Sall is poised to do when Senegal goes to the polls to elect a president on February 24.


According to Mr. Wade, who was speaking to his supporters at the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS) headquarters, President Sall added more than “357,000 fictitious voters” to the electoral register and would also have “a second electoral register” that he would keep personally.

He claimed that all those machinations are geared toward stealing the vote.

Mr. Wade also indicated that since the parliamentary elections of 2017, more than “1,400,000 citizens” have not been able to recover their identity/voter cards. The reason, according to him, is that the voters in question are opposition supporters.


In view of all these “anomalies,” he called on opposition candidates already immersed in their electoral campaign and join him so that together they could drive President Sall out of power and hold new elections.


To this end, he proposed an action plan focusing on three periods: the first period, which runs from February 9 to February 23, will be devoted to demonstrations and other forms of peaceful protest; the second will run from February 23 to 24, while the third will start on February 24.

The former president, stopped short of giving details of the actions he intends to take over the last two periods of his action plan.


“If, however, they persist and go to this election played out in advance, we will not accept that one of them comes to our house whining for help. We will not do it,” he warned.


Addressing the current head of state, the PDS leader called on Sall to cancel what he called the sham elections and to sit around a table with the opposition to establish a “consensual” electoral register, guaranteeing a free and transparent election.


Wade also spoke about all the “financial scandals,” particularly those related to oil and gas contracts, but also the “over-the-counter markets” observed under the regime of his successor, who was also his former Prime Minister.


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