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    Sierra Leone: 42 disaster prone areas exist in, around Freetown-Report

    APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone)

    Sierra Leone’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified 42 disaster prone areas in Freetown and its environs and called on the government to take action in prevention of imminent danger to inhabitants.

    In reports of two researches conducted by the agency, it found that 12, 890 buildings were located in these disaster prone areas that include mostly slums and hilly settings, an official said.

    Samuel Mohamed Kamara, Assistant Deputy Director, Geographical Information System at EPA, said at the report launch on Friday that the Land Cover Land Map Use Survey and Householding Disaster Maping research showed that about 138, 000 people were residing in these areas. Mr Kamara said the locations cover three main different habitats: Inland, where inland flooding is prevalent; the coastal areas, which are prone to coastal flooding; and valleys and hills, which are prone to landslide and mudslide.

    Some of the communities named in the report include Ashobi Corner, Dwazark, Susan’s Bay, and Croo Bay. These are well known slums that are home to large populations.

    The EPA official said after repeated calls for the people to vacate these areas, they now expect the government to take appropriate action to avoid disaster.

    Sierra Leone is still reeling out of the effect of the deadly mudslide and flooding last August which left about 1000 people dead or missing and hundreds of houses buried after part of a mountain in the west end of Freetown collapsed following a heavy downpour.

    Almost every year parts of Freetown is subjected to flooding.


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