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    Sierra Leone: ActionAid to embark on anti-violence campaign

    APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone)

    The ActionAid International-Sierra Leone has announced plans to embark on a nationwide anti-violence campaign ahead of the country’s general elections.

    The international charity organization will use artistes to engage the people in 10 out of the country’s 14 districts, in the campaign that will be implemented in two different forms – a face-to-face discussion and artistic performances.

    Sierra Leone goes to the polls on March 7 this year; and the run up has been characterized by rising tension among rival political parties.

    The youths are of particular interest as they are said to be prone to exploitation by some politicians, who give them drugs and use them to engage in violence for political interests.

    Aminata Kelly Lamin, policy and planning manager of ActionAid International-Sierra Leone, said the targeted districts were identified because of their propensity for violence.

    Music is popular among the youthful population in Sierra Leone, and musicians are among the most influential among this group.

    “We are using a two-pronged approach,” she said, adding: “Firstly, we are reaching out to the people in person, with a face-to-face discussion by youths, and then we will use artistes with musical shows,” Ms. Lamin said in a radio interview on Tuesday.

    ActionAid has unveiled ‘hashtagvotesalone’ as its campaign slogan.


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