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Sierra Leone Krios threaten protest over land

APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone)

Sierra Leoneans of Krio extraction have threatened to embark on a protest against the country’s Minister of Lands who they accuse of intimidating them in a bid to forcefully take their lands.

The Krios are the descendants of freed slaves who were settled in Freetown, the place which is today the Sierra Leonean capital.

The Minister of Lands, Dr Dennise Sandy, has been on the spotlight since his appointment, with many people accusing him of usurping private lands and converting them to government lands.

Mr Sandy himself say these lands in questions are government lands which people have over the years usurped, taking advantage of lax governance system in place.

According to a report on the AVY newspaper’s Tuesday’s edition, the threat of protest by the Krios come after a recent incident in which the minister is alleged to have dispatched armed police personnel to evict people in lands they believe they had inherited by their parents.


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