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    Sierra Leone: Newly established district named

    APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone)

    The newly created district in Sierra Leone has been named Falaba, APA learned here on Tuesday.

    Falaba District is one of two halves created after the division of Koinadugu District. It's part of the de-amalgamation exercise being implemented by the government.

    Prior to this, Koinadugu held the record of being the largest single district, yet it is one of the poorest in terms of infrastructure.

    The de-amalgamation process left the district divided into 23 chiefdoms. Falaba, with 13 chiefdoms, will have its new headquarters town located in Mondugu in the Mongo Chiefdom. The second half of the district will continue to use Kabala as its headquarters.

    The new district is predominantly inhabited by two main ethnic groups – Kuranko and Yalunkaa – both are also common across the border Guinea.

    Details of the changes are being worked out pending presentation of the document to Cabinet and subsequent ratification in parliament.


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