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Sierra Leone Press zooms in on journalists election

APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone)

Monday's edition of Sierra Leonean dailies carries reports on a wide of issues but the weekend elections of a new executive of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) dominate the headlines.

SLAJ members elected current Secretary General of the Association and renowned cartoonist Ahmed Sahid Nasrallah as President to head the association for the next three years. Mr Nasrallah will be assisted by five other officials that include a Vice President and Secretary General who were also subjected to the electoral process. The even was held on the second of the two-day triennial conference bof SLAJ.

This story is notably captured by the Calabash and Times which gave it a front page prominence. The Calabash carries it under it's banner headline: 'New SLAJ Executive Emerges'. It is accompanied with photos of the three top officials: President, Vice President and Secretary General.

The Times carries it under a smaller front page headline: 'De Monk is SLAJ's new president.' De Monk is Nasrallah's nick name. His photo is also on the from page. A second headline of the day is the parliamentary discussion on the sexual offenses law. An amended version of the sexual offenses law was finally introduced to the well of Parliament after weeks of delay.

The story is on News Watch and Calabash, and Health Newspaper.

News Watch carries it under the headline: 'Parliament debates sexual offenses amendment Act 201.' 'MP calls for forensic lab,' Health Newspaper. '15 years to life imprisonment for rapists', Calabash. Other headlines of the day are as follows: 'MP and Councilor clash over funds for water well project' (News Watch); Christian volunteers dignify the dead' (Health Newspaper).


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