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Sierra Leone: Press zooms in on MPs demand for salary increment, others

APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone)

The controversy over the demand by lawmakers for an increment in salary and allowances opened a floodgate of demands amidst protests from various public sector workers.

Health workers and teachers have been the most vocal and have been threatening strike action if they salaries aren’t increased. In fact the Junior Doctors Association actually went through the strike action but they have since resumed work after negotiation.

The issue has further degenerated after the House of parliament wrote a letter to the Ministry of Finance demanding data on all senior public officials and calling for harmonization of the public sector pay scale.

This story continues to dominate the press. The Friday edition of the papers is no exception. The story is notably carried on the Unique News, Education Microscope, and Global Times newspapers.

Unique News leads with it under the banner headline: ‘MPs salary concerns ‘ridiculous’ but genuine – IGR.’ It is quoting a report by the Freetown-based think tank Institute for Governance Reform.

The Education Microscope story focuses on ultimatum for a strike action by staff of the Njala University and a separate story on the teachers union call for salary increment.

The Global Times says: ‘Gov’t to set up salaries commission.’ A second story of the day is a row over a piece of land between a mosque and a gas station. Earlier in the week riots broke out leading
to the setting ablaze of the gas station. The issue has raised fears of religious violence. And there have been calls for clam by religious leaders. The story is captured on the New Age, Salone Times, Unique News, and Cotton Tree.

‘Leonco speaks on Lumley riots,’ says New Age. Leonco is a the owner of the gas station.
Salone Times carries a similar headline.

‘Lumley mosque, gas station riot: Imam calls for peace,’ says Unique News. ‘On dispute access road… Mosque officials call for a peaceful resolution,’ says Cotton Tree.

Other stories of the day are as follows: Agric minister rejuvenates South-South triangular cooperation (New Age); SLPP government to ban private schools (Times SL); Why the gov’t needs to protect NIC
(National Insurance Company); Parliament ratifies free trade agreement (Calabash).


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