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    Sierra Leone-Politics-Gender

    Sierra Leone women march for political recognition

    APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone)

    Hundreds of women in Sierra Leone, Thursday marched to protest the under-representation of females in statecraft.

    The peaceful protest organized under the banner of the umbrella Women’s Forum was meant to raise awareness on the need to provide opportunity for women to participate in governance.

    The organisers say the march was also meant to demand recognition for their contribution to national development.

    Various women’s groups from across the country were ferried to Freetown ahead of the day.

    The women’s leaders are taking advantage of the current stage of the political climate as parties conduct primaries for various positions.

    The Women’s Forum is seeking 30 percent representation in governance, notably in parliament and other key sectors of government.

    The march was held under the theme: "WOMEN COUNT".

    The protesting women, who marched from various parts of the capital, gathered by midday under the iconic Cotton Tree which stands at the entrance to State House, where they presented a ‘Women's Manifesto’ to the Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs.

    Among the protesting women was the UN Women Resident Representative.

    The women, in a symbolic show of demonstration, were at some point expected to undo their wrappers around their waists and threw them to the ground.


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