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    Sierra Leone-Health-Ebola

    S/Leone: Uncoordinated anti-Ebola communication confuses the public

    APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone)

    A member of the Presidential Task Force on Ebola in Sierra Leone has criticized the uncoordinated dissemination of messages, describing it as confusing to the public.

    Ms Michala Mackay, who represents the Sierra Leone Bar Association in the national body, expressed the fear that the prevailing situation could end up being counter-productive. She urged the government to harmonize its messaging so that the different government spokespersons don't give different messages, as it tends to be the case presently. Ms Mackay said because of the large size of the committee which she is a part of, people don't tend to have the chance to make their views well expressed. Besides the mode of dissemination of messages, she also has doubt over the effectiveness of the planned nationwide shutdown, next week. She is of the opinion that the 21, 000 youths planned for deployment around the country would not be sufficient for the job, and so she wants specific communities targeted instead of covering the whole country blindly. "As a people, we should be comfortable that the government is handling the problem correctly," she said.


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