Sudan buys 35 fighter jets from Russia

APA-Khartoum (Sudan)

Sudan has confirmed a new deal with Russia for the supply of 35 Sukhoi fighter jets to the Sudanese air force.

The Sudanese air force chief, Salahuddin Abdul Khaliq Saeed told APA in an interview in Khartoum on Monday that Khartoum was contracting Moscow for the supply of the jets which would be used to bolster the army air defense system.

"For now Sudan is fully dependent on Russia for its air armament" Saad said.

The Russian Sukhoi fighter jet is a super-maneuverable, multi-tasking machine, designed by aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi Design Bureau based in the capital Moscow.

It is a comprehensive update from the T-10S model, lacking only stealth technology.

Sudan has an advanced military cooperation agreement with Russia which in recent years saw the procurement of 170 T-72 Russian tanks, and helicopters from Moscow.


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