Sudan power transfer talks broke down

APA-Khartoum (Sudan)

The Freedom and Change coalition which contains several opposition parties in Sudan on Monday suspended talks with the Transitional Military Council over the process towards transferring power to a civilian administration.

Protests have continued in Sudan with roadblocks in Khartoum almost two weeks after long-term ruler Omar Bashir was deposed, demanding a return to civilian rule with the African Union threatening to suspend the country's membership if this is not done within fifteen days.

It followed nationwide demonstrations which began last December to force Bashir from power.

“The people are sources of all authorities and we as representatives of the sit-in protesters behind what the declaration of freedom and change contains, we will not budge from our position” the group said in a statement shortly after talks with members of the Transitional Military Council broke down.

“We will not accept talks with representatives of the former regime” the statement added.

The two sides have been meeting over demands by protesters that the new military rulers transfer power to civilians as demanded by public opinion.

The coalition had spearheaded protests that culminated in Bashir's ouster by the Sudanese army.

The group is calling for a new wave of protests near the army headquarters in Khartoum where previous demonstrations had climaxed to force Bashir out and subsequently his immediate successor who was seen as one of his political protégés.


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