Sudan: A new cabinet of firsts

APA-Sudan (Khartoum)

It's a cabinet of firsts for Sudan after Prime minister, Abdallah Hamdok unveiled his new governing team which consists of the country's first female Foreign minister.

It is the first cabinet since long-term ruler Omar Al-Bashir was ousted last April.

The new cabinet consisting of 18 ministers includes Asma Mohamed Abdallah as the country's first female Foreign Minister.

This comes weeks after a comprehensive deal was reached between Sudan's military rulers and opposition leaders who had spearheaded months of protests aimed at returning the country to civilian rule protests.

Representatives of the protesters agreed last month to share power with the Transitional Military Council and council and civilian technocrats to lead the countery for three years.  

"The priority of the government is to end conflicts and establish peace in the country", Hamdook told a press conference called to unveil his new governing team.

 Antsar Alzain Sagiroon is the new minster of Higher Education while Nassar Aldeen Abdo-albary is Justice minister.

Abreheem Ahmed Badowy has been appointed Finance minister, Gen.Gmal Omer, Defence minister and Altarify Adrees as Interior minister.

The rest are as follows:

Akram Altom, Health minister.
Mahmed Alameen Altoom,  Education minister.
Adal Abrahemm, Energy and Mining minister
Yaseetr Abbas Ali, minister of Irrigation and Water Resources

Aisa Osman, Agriculture minister

 Lyna Alshaig, Development minister

Yossf Alday,  Miniter of Federal Governance
Wallla Alboshy, Youth and Sport minister.
Madani Abbas Madany, Industry and Trade minister.
Faisal Mohamed Saleh, minister of Culture and Media . 


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