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    Swaziland’s budgeting process is the worst in the world – Report

    APA-Mbabane (Swaziland)

    The International Budget Organisation has scored Swaziland poorly in terms of budgeting methodology, accusing the southern African country’s system of being among the least transparent in the world.

    According to the Times of Swaziland on Friday, Swaziland got three points out of 100, based on average responses to 109 budget transparency indicators that are used in the Open Budget Index.

    The indicators assess whether central governments make key budget documents available to the public in a timely manner and whether the information contained in these documents is comprehensive and useful.

    The newspapers said principal secretary in Swaziland’s Ministry of Finance Bheki Bhembe professed ignorance about the deficiencies cited in the report because he had not yet seen it.

    “He explained that the country’s budget was informed by ministry proposals after Cabinet approved ceilings for each and every ministry,” the newspaper quoted the official as saying.

    The official pointed out that most recently cabinet ministers also had the opportunity to participate in budget meetings.

    Previously, the budget consultative meetings were done at a technical level and presented by principal secretaries to the central agencies.

    Finance Minister Martin Dlamini is expected to deliver the Appropriation Bill for the 2018/19 financial year before the end of February.


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