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    09-Oct-2017 to 14:11

    Swaziland decreases SA maize meal import quota

    APA-Mbabane (Swaziland) — Swaziland has decreased the maximum amount of maize meal that individuals can purchase from South Africa, from 100 kilogrammes to 20 kilogrammes per household, APA learned on Monday.

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    09-Oct-2017 to 09:02

    Sierra Leone: $300m required to attain food security-Official

    APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone) — The Sierra Leone government must consider increasing its budgetary allocation to the agriculture sector if the country is to meet its food self-sufficiency dream, a senior official has said.

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    05-Oct-2017 to 12:14

    Tanzania directs traders to export value added products

    APA Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) — Tanzania’s Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Charles Tizeba has on Thursday said while his government has not banned exports of grains it will regulate the process to ensure food security.

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    05-Oct-2017 to 11:54

    AU to endorse experts’ recommendations on ARDWE

    APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — The African Union (AU) will on Thursday endorse reports and recommendations on Agriculture, Rural Development, Water and Environment (ARDWE) made by experts and senior officials in a meeting held on Monday and Tuesday.

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    04-Oct-2017 to 14:02

    Swaziland seeks new markets as EU sugar quota ends

    APA-Mbabane (Swaziland) — Swaziland is searching for new regional markets for its sugar following the end of a quota system that limited production by European Union countries for the past 50 years, an official said on Wednesday.

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    03-Oct-2017 to 12:07

    Avian flu-hit Zimbabwe suspends duty on fertilised eggs

    APA-Harare (Zimbabwe) — Poultry breeders in Zimbabwe will be allowed to import fertilised eggs duty-free until January 2018 as part of a government strategy to revive an industry almost decimated by an outbreak of the deadly avian flu virus earlier this year.

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    02-Oct-2017 to 13:00

    Tanzania threatens agro dealers with legal action over high fertilizer prices

    APA-Dar es Salaam-(Tanzania) — Tanzania has on Monday threatened to take to court all agro dealers who inflated the price of fertilizer distributed through the voucher system, leading to a high price of Sh 38 billion ($16.5million).

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