25-Aug-2019 to 08:11

Salvos of a Rwanda-Burundi 'drum war'?

APA - Kigali (Rwanda) — In a move that could spark a potential 'drum war' between Burundi and Rwanda, thousands of Burundians staged a protest Saturday against what they called a cultural aggression against their country, accusing Kigali of stealing their culture.

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20-Aug-2019 to 21:16

Sierra Leone leader urges unity among local entertainers

APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone) — Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio on Tuesday called on stakeholders in the entertainment industry to unite if they are to develop the sector.

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17-Aug-2019 to 10:22

eSwatini king commissions cultural culling

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — eSwatini's King Mswati III has called traditional warriors to participate in a national culling expedition slated for 20 August 2019.

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14-Aug-2019 to 17:31

Reed scarcity affects eSwatini’s iconic Reed Dance

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — The scarcity of the reed plant in eSwatini is hindering young maidens from attending the annual Reed Dance ceremony where they showcase their dancing skills in celebration of preserved virginity and upholding traditional teachings.

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31-Jul-2019 to 17:54

Rwanda Harvest Day set to be national holiday

APA - Kigali (Rwanda) — The Rwandan government has declared a national holiday in relation to Harvest Day or "Umuganura" which is considered a period for thanksgiving to celebrate a good harvest, an official revealed in Kigali on Wednesday.

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31-Jul-2019 to 15:21

Italy to restore ancient Ethiopia obelisk

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — An Italian mission of experts is at the archaeological site in Ethiopia's Tigray State where it is assessing the situation on the ground and submit a proposal for an urgent intervention to sustain the Axum obelisk.

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15-Jul-2019 to 14:19

eSwatini gov’t bans public magic show

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — Swatis have been left ruing a missed opportunity to witness the art of wizardly at work after the government outlawed a contest pitting the country’s witchdoctors that was set for the end of July.

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