18-Apr-2022 to 11:11

S/African cop dies in KwaZulu-Natal flood operation

APA-Pietermaritzburg (South Africa) — A flood search and rescue operation has claimed the lives of a policewoman and a police dog which tried to save her in KwaZulu-Natal province on Sunday, the South African Police Service announced on Monday.

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15-Apr-2022 to 12:48

S/Africa needs to build resilience against climate change – IMF

APA-Pretoria (South Africa) — South Africa should start building resilience against climate change sooner than later, a top International Monetary Fund (IMF) official has warned.

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15-Apr-2022 to 11:30

S/Africa releases relief funds for flood victims

APA-Pretoria (South Africa) — The South African government has released about US$70 million in emergency relief funds to help over 40,000 people left without shelter, water and electricity by flash floods that hit KwaZulu-Natal province this week.

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14-Apr-2022 to 10:10

S/Africa: Floods claim over 360 lives, aid to victims pledged

APA-Durban (South Africa) — South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has told the people of KwaZulu-Natal province that his government would provide aid and relief items to help them following the devastating floods that have claimed over 360 lives and left thousands of others injured and homeless.

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13-Apr-2022 to 14:18

Egypt's Aswan: 10 killed in bus-lorry collision

APA-Cairo (Egypt) — Ten people have died after a bus carrying European tourists collided with an approaching lorry near Egypt's attraction at Aswan, leaving at least 14 others injured, APA learnt on Wednesday.

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13-Apr-2022 to 13:43

Ramaphosa visits flood-ravaged South African communities

APA-Durban (South Africa) — President Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday visited flood-stricken parts of KwaZulu-Natal in the Indian Ocean port city of Durban to offer his government’s support to affected communities, and assess the right response to the state of disaster which has left dozens of South Africans dead.

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13-Apr-2022 to 06:27

Floods claim at least 45 lives in S/Africa's Durban port city

APA-Durban (South Africa) — At least 45 people have been killed in South Africa’s Durban coastal town following heavy rains in the area over the past few days.

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