28-Nov-2022 to 10:48

Insecurity disrupts schooling for over a million Burkinabe students

APA-Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) — Burkina Faso has “passed the dramatic mark of one million children” affected by the closure of schools due to the security crisis, the NGO Save the Children has warned in a statement.

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21-Nov-2022 to 20:31

€33m EU funding for education in strife-torn Ethiopia region

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — European Union on Monday donated €33 million to two United Nations agencies to restore education facilities and provide school meals in parts of conflict-affected northern Ethiopia.

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30-Oct-2022 to 14:24

Smart Africa donates 105 laptops to Rwandan schools

APA - Kigali (Rwanda) — Following the approval and endorsement of the Smart Africa Board for GIGA implementation in Africa, and as part of supporting the ongoing Rwanda GIGA pilot project, Smart Africa Secretariat has donated 105 laptop computers to Rwanda.

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24-Oct-2022 to 08:22

Rwanda's largest polytechnic university closed amid theft probe

APA - Kigali (Rwanda) — The Ministry of Education on Sunday announced it has temporarily shut down the premises of Rwanda Polytechnic’s Integrated Polytechnic Regional College (IPRC) based in Kigali, amid investigations of theft and misappropriation of public resources.

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17-Oct-2022 to 10:18

Holberton School: New CEO to expand Africa network

APA-Johannesburg(South Africa) — Florian Bucher is the new CEO of the Holberton School network whose goal is to increase its number of schools in Africa and to position the institution as the global leader in IT education.

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03-Aug-2022 to 23:39

Kigali in drive to recruit more Zimbabwe teachers

APA - Kigali (Rwanda) — A group of about 500 Zimbabwean teachers are expected to sit for their final interviews next week in Harare, as a final round of recruitment to move to Rwanda in September this year, an official source revealed Wednesday in Kigali.

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03-Aug-2022 to 23:29

Rwanda: Free school feeding scheme to reduce absenteeism

APA - Kigali (Rwanda) — Rwandan students, both in primary and secondary school, will begin getting free lunch at school starting next semester, a senior Government official disclosed Wednesday in Kigali.

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