18-Sep-2019 to 17:48

Six contenders for Botswana presidency

APA-Gaborone(Botswana) — At least six prospective candidates are expected to submit their names for nomination ahead of the 23 October polls for the Botswana presidency.

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16-Sep-2019 to 22:41

Tunisia: Saïed, Karoui poised for election dogfight

APA-Tunis (Tunisia) — If figures released by Tunisia's electoral commission on Monday are anything to go by, academic Kaies Saïed and businessman Nabil Karoui of the Qalb Tounès Party are poised for a presidential election dogfight following Sunday's vote.

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15-Sep-2019 to 15:02

Tunisia presidential vote: Turnout tops 16 pc by midday

APA-Tunis (Tunisia) — Tunisians have been queuing out to vote in their country's first free and fair election, apparently showing serious enthusiasm for Sunday's exercise during which the voter turnout reached 16.3pc by midday.

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12-Sep-2019 to 14:18

Malawi: Post-poll protests to resume, activists demand resignation of official

APA-Lilongwe (South Africa) — Malawi activists, grouped under the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC), have vowed to resume protests next week meant to force Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chair Jane Ansah to resign from office due to her alleged mismanagement of general elections held in May.

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04-Sep-2019 to 18:31

Some 50m voters poised for Ethiopia election

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) on Wednesday disclosed that about 50 million voters are expected to take part in the country's general election in May next year.

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02-Sep-2019 to 11:04

Botswana: An expectant nation gears up for polls

APA-Gaborone (Botswana) — It is expected that malls, cinema halls, pubs and bars and other public institutions across Botswana will remain closed on 23 October to ensure maximum participation of the nation in the general election.

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26-Aug-2019 to 10:45

Botswana Elections 2019: Rivals trade insults

APA-Gaborone (Botswana) — Known for holding peaceful elections since 1966, Botswana has been rocked by insults and counter insults across the political divide as campaigning intensifies ahead of polls set for October.

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