30-Sep-2019 to 17:08

Nile states' scientists meet over controversial dam

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Scientists from the states straddling the River Nile are meeting in the Sudanese capital Khartoum to discuss the environmental impact of Ethiopia's controversial Grand Renaissance Dam.

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19-Sep-2019 to 14:41

Botswana: Bogus online elephant hunting adverts create confusion

APA-Gaborone (Botswana) — Botswana authorities on Thursday said they have been inundated with inquiries from the international community seeking clarification about bogus online advertisements relating to elephant hunting.

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19-Sep-2019 to 06:10

Mozambique mulls climate smart bridge strategy

APA-Maputo (Mozambique) — The Mozambican government plans to embark on a national programme to ensure the resilience of bridges to extreme weather events, Public Works, Housing and Water Resources Minister João Machatine has revealed.

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10-Sep-2019 to 11:12

Sierra Leone warns of possible extinction of Chimps

APA-Freetown (Sierra Leone) — The management of Sierra Leone’s only Chimpanzee sanctuary has raised concern over the safety of the animals in the face of rapid deforestation in and around the Freetown peninsula.

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05-Sep-2019 to 12:08

Botswana commences elephant hunting amid int'l outcry

APA-Gaborone (Botswana) — Botswana appears to be relishing the role of an anti-elephant hunting villain in what seems to be a hostile international arena. Despite an international outcry following its decision to lift a 2014 hunting ban, the southern African nation has literally shown its western critics the middle finger by kick starting elephant hunting.

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04-Sep-2019 to 19:48

France, others pledge $65m to preserve Congo rainforest

APA - Brazzaville (Congo) By Leon Charles Moukouri — French President Emmanuel Macron has signed a letter of intent pledging, on behalf of his country and several partners of the international community, to bankroll the conservation of the rainforest in the Republic of the Congo to the tune of $65 million.

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02-Sep-2019 to 11:46

Kenya: Northern white rhino eggs successfully fertilized

APA-Nairobi(Kenya) — After successfully harvesting 10 eggs from the world’s last two northern white rhinos, in Kenya an international consortium of scientists and conservationists announced on Monday that 7 out of the10 eggs were successfully matured and artificially inseminated.

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