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    19-Jan-2019 to 14:20

    Mozambique: Bodies of drowned South African tourists recovered

    APA-Maputo (Mozambique) — The Maritime authorities in Mozambique have announced discovery of the bodies of four South Africans, who drowned after being washed out to sea while swimming in the Indian Ocean early this week, APA can report on Saturday.

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    19-Jan-2019 to 12:49

    Mozambique: Inmate dies in prison violence

    APA-Maputo (Mozambique) — Mozambique's Ministry of Justice has confirmed the death of a prisoner after he was allegedly attacked and killed in Maputo's Central Jail in violence involving another 21 inmates, APA can report on Friday.

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    19-Jan-2019 to 11:50

    Mozambique: Lightning kills 25 people - INGC

    APA-Maputo (Mozambique) — At least 25 people have died since the start of the rainy season, being victims of lightning strikes in Zambezia province, central Mozambique.

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    19-Jan-2019 to 03:48

    Terror attack in Kenya targeted the world-Official

    APA-Nairobi (Kenya) — Tuesday’s Nairobi terrorist attack on Kenyan soil that led to the death of 21 people and scores injured was targeted at the world, Kenya’s foreign affairs Cabinet Secretary, Monica Juma said on Friday.

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    18-Jan-2019 to 13:15

    About 36m children in Ethiopia multi-dimensionally poor-Report

    APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — An estimated 36 million of a total population of 41 million children under the age of 18 in Ethiopia are multi-dimensionally poor, meaning they are deprived of basic goods and services in at least three dimensions, says a new report released Friday by the Central Statistical Agency and UNICEF.

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    18-Jan-2019 to 13:09

    Uganda: ICC trial of former Ongwen postponed

    APA-Kampala (Uganda) — Judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) have adjourned the trial of Dominic Ongwen, a former commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), for two weeks to allow his lawyers have doctors assess Ongwen’s health.

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    18-Jan-2019 to 13:02

    Kenya: Organizations signs pact to fast track ACFTA

    APA-Nairobi (Kenya) — TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) and the AfroChampions Initiative (ACI) have signed a partnership agreement committing to provide support to governments and the private sector in realising the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA).

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