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05-Apr-2015 to 13:22

Kenyan official’s son among Garissa attackers - official

APA-Garissa (Kenya) — Kenyan security officials have confirmed that one of the al-Shabaab gunmen who attacked and killed 148 people at the university college in the northeastern town of Garissa was the son of a government figure.

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04-Apr-2015 to 17:34

Ethiopia begins evacuating nationals from Yemen

APA- Addis Ababa Ethiopia — The Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Ministry says it has begun evacuating Ethiopian nationals from conflict torn Yemen and the first batch of five females have arrived in Addis Ababa late on Friday.

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04-Apr-2015 to 16:16

Kenya’s Equity Bank to open office in Cameroon

APA - Douala (Cameroon) — Kenya's Equity Bank has unveiled plans to invest in Cameroon as part of its expansion scheme, which would allow it reach out to other African countries.

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03-Apr-2015 to 19:34

Ethiopia marks fourth year of controversial dam

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Ethiopia celebrates the fourth anniversary of the start to the construction of its controversial hydro electric dam underway on the River Nile.

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03-Apr-2015 to 15:36

Ethiopia's light railway to begin service after three months

APA- Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Ethiopian Railway Cooperation has announced on Friday that construction of the Addis Ababa rail way had almost finished and would fully be operational after three months.

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03-Apr-2015 to 14:36

South Sudan warns against economic disaster

APA-Juba (south Sudan) — South Sudan will face imminent economic disaster if the donors will not extend more financial support, south Sudan minister of finance announced on Friday.

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03-Apr-2015 to 13:03

South Sudan: Prisoners plagued by skin diseases

APA-Juba (south Sudan) — Skin diseases have been broken out among the prisoners in one of the main prisons in south Sudan, the director of Wau central prison said on Friday.

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