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    25-Sep-2018 to 11:42

    Experts urge central Africa govts to coordinate funding for industrialization

    APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — From Chad to the Democratic Republic of Congo, the economies of Central Africa must fully industrialize to survive.

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    24-Sep-2018 to 09:50

    AfCFTA will support Africa’s industrial exports - ECA Official

    APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a unique and timely opportunity for the continent and offers more benefits than other trading arrangements with regions outside the continent, said Andrew Mold, acting Director of UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in Eastern Africa.

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    20-Sep-2018 to 14:47

    45,000+ African children die annually due to air pollution - US EPA

    APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) estimates that over 45,000 African children under the age of 5 die annually due to air pollution, one of the highest regional child mortality rates in the world.

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    19-Sep-2018 to 14:16

    AfCFTA will spur Africa’s industrialization - ECA’s David Luke

    APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a tool that countries can use to create opportunities for African businesses and through them drive the continent’s industrialization, economic diversification and development, says David Luke, coordinator of the Africa Trade Policy Centre (ATPC) at the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).

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    19-Sep-2018 to 12:19

    AU launches campaign to fully ratify African Continental Free Trade Area

    APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — The African Union has launched an advocacy campaign to encourage more countries to ratify the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), ahead of the January 2019 deadline to implement the agreement.

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    18-Sep-2018 to 19:33

    Ethiopia offers opportunities for private companies in railway sector

    APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — The Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) is offering opportunities for Public Private Partnership (PPP) to engage in railway, with the aim of expanding public services, reducing project delays, and increasing resources utilization, ERC CEO said.

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    18-Sep-2018 to 15:17

    Blue economy can be engine of Africa’s economic growth - ECA

    APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — The Economic Commission for Africa is fully committed to supporting the African Union, Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and member states to ensure that the untapped potentials of the continent’s blue economy are fully realized.

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