22-Sep-2022 to 08:37

Ethiopia's new wind power plant begins operation

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Ethiopia’s newly built wind power plant known as Aysha Wind Farm II began transferring power to the national grid after 16 of its windmills began generating power, the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) has said.

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21-Sep-2022 to 19:45

Ethiopia: Tension mounts as Amhara force leader arrested

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Tension has mounted in different towns of Ethiopia’s Amhara region after public force leader Zemene Kassie was arrested for alleged multiple offences including for organizing an informal armed group.

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21-Sep-2022 to 07:56

Ethiopia attracts $3.31b in foreign direct investment

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Ethiopia amassed about $3.31 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Ethiopian 2021/2022 fiscal year which ended on July 7, the Ethiopia Investment Commission (EIC) disclosed Tuesday.

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21-Sep-2022 to 07:53

Ethiopia rejects UN report as ‘politically motivated’

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — The government of Ethiopia on Tuesday rejected a report by U.N. investigators that it has committed crimes against humanity in its Tigray region in the ongoing fighting with the rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

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20-Sep-2022 to 10:50

Ethiopia and Nigeria announce airline partnership

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Ethiopian Airlines has been chosen as the core investor and partner for Nigeria’s new flag carrier, APA can report on Tuesday.

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20-Sep-2022 to 10:39

Tigray conflict: Ethiopia dismisses EU allegation as misleading

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Ethiopia has rejected the European Union (EU) allegation of refusing hold peace talks with the rebel forces of the Tigray People’s Liberation front (TPLF) in the north of the country as misleading.

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18-Sep-2022 to 16:09

Ethiopian Airlines wins ‘Cargo Airline of The Year’ award

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services has been crowned with ‘Cargo Airline of The Year’ at the Air Cargo News Awards 2022.

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