12-Apr-2022 to 10:01

Ethiopia lifts airspace restriction on Boeing 373 Max planes

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority on Monday announced that it has lifted the restriction on Boeing 737 Max planes from flying on Ethiopian Air Space.

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12-Apr-2022 to 09:40

War in Ukraine: Zelensky wants to address AU

APA-Dakar (Senegal) — The Ukrainian head of state had a telephone conversation on Monday with Macky Sall, the current chairman of the African Union (AU).

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12-Apr-2022 to 09:28

Ethiopia’s Haulu wins women Marathon in Rotterdam

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Ethiopian athlete Haven Hailu had won the women’s race at the Rotterdam Marathon in convincing fashion on Sunday.

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11-Apr-2022 to 10:12

AfCFTA to boost intra-African trade by 40 percent

APA-Addis Ababa(Ethiopia) — The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) will boost intra-African trade by around 40 percent, with substantial benefits to the transport sectors, according to the latest estimates by the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).

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07-Apr-2022 to 16:22

US to provide $114m relief aid to drought-stricken horn nations

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — The United States is providing nearly $114 million humanitarian aid for three drought-affected countries in the Horn of Africa, its development agency said.

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07-Apr-2022 to 11:47

Nine mass graves uncovered in Ethiopia's north

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Nine mass graves have been identified in the disputed Wolkait-Tegede and Telemt zone in northern Ethiopia, a study conducted by a team of researchers of a local university.

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06-Apr-2022 to 16:03

Famous Ethiopian journalist released on bail

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Famous Ethiopian journalist Tamirat negera, editor in chief of Terara Network (TM), has been released on bail after nearly four months in detention.

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