10-Dec-2020 to 17:23

Gabon gets new economy minister

APA - Libreville (Gabon) — Following the resignation of the Gabon's Economy Minister Jean-Marie Ogandaga over accusations of embezzlement, Nicole Jeanine Lydie Roboty Mbou has been appointed to replace him.

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27-Oct-2020 to 17:43

Covid-19: Gabon discusses reopening of places of worship

APA - Libreville (Gabon) — The government of Gabon will, ahead of the reopening of places of worship on October 30, discuss with the different denominations to integrate the COVID-19 context.

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21-Oct-2020 to 13:12

Gabon: Finance house unions on three-day strike

APA - Libreville (Gabon) — The federation of tax, customs, hydrocarbon and treasury collectors in Gabon have embarked on a three-day preventive strike beginning on Wednesday.

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28-Sep-2020 to 18:47

Gabon: Protracted closure of churches angers clerics

APA-Libreville (Gabon) — Priests in Gabon, dissatisfied with the closure of their churches for seven months, have demanded that they are reopened against the advice of the state.

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02-Sep-2020 to 15:08

CEEAC sets up body to fast-track integration

APA - Libreville (Gabon) — The Economic Community of Central African States (CEEAC) is now headed by a commission whose task is to tackle the integration of the eleven countries in the region.

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16-Jul-2020 to 17:02

Gabon's President appoints first female Prime Minister

APA - Libreville (Gabon) — Gabon’s Defence Minister Rose Christiane Ossouka Raponda, 56, became on Thursday the first woman to hold the position of Prime Minister in her country.

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27-Aug-2019 to 13:28

Gabon to build bioethanol production plant

APA - Libreville (Gabon) — Gabonese Investment Promotion Minister, Jean Fidele Otandault has revealed that China would build a factory to produce bioethanol, a biofuel that can be used in some gasoline engines.

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