25-Nov-2022 to 14:08

ADF approves $27.9m grant for Ghana’s Agric Value Chain Project

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund (ADF) has approved a $27.9 million grant to Ghana for the development of agricultural value chains in the Savannah region.

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25-Nov-2022 to 10:54

Press focuses on Ghana’s defeat in first match of Qatar2022 World Cup, others

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The defeat of the Black Stars of Ghana by Portugal in their first match of Qatar2022 World Cup dominates the headlines of Ghanaian press on Friday.

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23-Nov-2022 to 09:33

Press zooms in on EU’s pledge to support Ghana’s development efforts, others

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The pledge by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, that the European Union will support the efforts of the Ghanaian government to develop the country is one of the trending stories in the Ghanaian press on Wednesday.

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22-Nov-2022 to 10:26

Ghanaian press focuses on Puma Energy’s solar installation projects, others

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The announcement by Puma Energy that it will from 2023 offer its commercial and industrial customers the chance to install solar on their sites and the report that majority of Ghanaians are overweight or obese are some of the trending stories in the Ghanaian press on Tuesday.

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21-Nov-2022 to 08:47

Press spotlights position of Finance Minister on Ghana’s economic challenges, ot...

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The denial of the Finance Minister of allegations that his recklessness contributed to the economic challenges facing the economy and the report that 1,477,747 households in Ghana do not have access to a toilet facility (either in their household or a public toilet) are some of the leading stories in the Ghanaian press on Monday.

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18-Nov-2022 to 11:12

Press zooms in on BoG’s directive to stop funding rice, poultry importation, oth...

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The directive by the Bank of Ghana (BoG) to banks and other financial institutions to stop providing foreign exchange (FX) to fund the importation of rice, poultry, vegetables and ceramics, among others is one of the leading stories in the Ghanaian press on Friday.

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17-Nov-2022 to 10:54

Ghana inflation up from 54.5 percent

APA – Accra (Ghana) — Ghana's October inflation rate which was largely driven by increases in the industrial sector recorded the highest year-on-year producer price increase of 75.6 per cent, up from the 54.5 percent in September.

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