30-Jan-2023 to 11:27

AfCFTA ratification process slow - Official

APA-Accra (Ghana) — Trade experts, business executives, and advocates of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) from across the continent have expressed concerns about the slow progress on the ratification of the protocol on the movement of people.

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30-Jan-2023 to 11:12

Press zooms in on appeal to African nations to stop annual illicit outflows of $...

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The call by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on African nations to collaborate and institute stringent measures to stem the disturbing annual illicit outflows of $88 billion from the continent is one of the leading stories in the Ghanaian press on Monday.

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27-Jan-2023 to 11:04

Press spotlights call on African leaders to deepen intra-African trade, others

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The call by Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia on Afri¬ca’s political and business leaders to develop signature solutions needed to deepen intra-African trade, spur impactful investments and bring prosperity to the continent is one of the leading stories in the Ghanaian press on Friday.

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26-Jan-2023 to 18:27

Ghana receives $4.8m grant from World Bank for emission reduction

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The World Bank has supported Ghana with over $4.8m for reducing deforestation and forest degradation emissions,

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25-Jan-2023 to 10:30

Press spotlights German support for Ghanaian companies to use solar energy, othe...

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The support by the German government for projects aimed at encouraging Ghanaian companies to use solar energy and promote sustainable energy solutions as a feasible alternative to conventional power generation in Ghana is one of the trending stories in the Ghanaian press on Wednesday.

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24-Jan-2023 to 10:17

Press zooms in on government’s decision to pay 5% coupon interest on bonds, othe...

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The Graphic reports that the government has agreed to pay five per cent coupon (interest) on bonds for this year.

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23-Jan-2023 to 11:46

Ghanaian press spotlights roll over of cocoa bills investments by banks, others

APA – Accra (Ghana) — The Bank of Ghana’s announcement that financial institutions in the country have agreed to roll over their cocoa bills investments following a meeting held with them, together with the Ghana Cocoa Board is one the leading stories in the Ghanaian press on Monday.

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