18-Feb-2020 to 22:58

Rockets rain down on Tripoli port, three civilians killed

APA-Tripoli (Libya) — Fouzi Wanees, a spokesman of the Health ministry in Libya's National Accord Government has confirmed the death of three civilians after heavy shelling of the port in Tripoli on Tuesday by forces loyal to Khalifa Hafter.

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10-Feb-2020 to 12:19

Libya urges Africa to have major role in resolving crisis

APA - Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — Libyan Foreign Minister, Mohamed Tahar SIala pleads for greater involvement by Africans in resolving his country’s crisis, reports said on Monday.

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31-Jan-2020 to 18:18

AU jittery over sophisticated arms' circulation in Libya

APA - Brazzaville (Congo) — The movement of sophisticated weapons, according to the final declaration of the 8th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU) High Level Committee on Libya, “exacerbates the conflict.”

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28-Jan-2020 to 21:44

Tripoli: Three schoolchildren killed in fresh skirmishes

APA-Tripoli (Libya) — Three children were among the fatalities as fighting raged in a district of the Libyan capital Tripoli on Tuesday, the Health ministry said.

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14-Jan-2020 to 14:15

Why Libya’s revolution has lost its shine

APA-Tripoli (Libya) — It is almost eight years to the day the battered and bloodied corpse of Muammar Gaddafi was laid on a stretcher surrounded by a ragtag band of unconventional gun-totting fighters of the Libyan revolution.

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14-Jan-2020 to 10:23

Libya: The crisis talks that never happened!

APA-Tripoli (Libya) — Peace talks in the Russian capital Moscow between the two main protagonists to the Libyan conflict appeared to have failed even before they got off to a promising start after one of them left without signing an expected deal to end all hostilities in and around Tripoli.

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10-Jan-2020 to 09:23

Libyan National Army refused ceasefire initiative offered by Russia, Turkey

APA(Tripoli-Libya) — General Commander of the Libyan Army issued a statement Thursday evening regarding what it called the Russian initiative for ceasefire in the Libyan capital in which it welcomed the Russian president Vladimir Putin initiative aiming to bring peace.

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