03-Dec-2014 to 16:23

UK canvasses speedy implementation of immigration deal with Nigeria

APA – Lagos (Nigeria) — The United Kingdom has called on the Nigerian Government to ensure the speedy implementation of the agreement on migration returns and prisoners transfer programme it signed with Nigeria.

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01-Dec-2014 to 19:39

Desperate Sudanese seeks UK asylum

APA – London (United Kingdom) — A desperate Sudanese man is seeking asylum in the United Kingdom after travelling 175 miles on top of a gear box underneath a luxury coach.

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24-Nov-2014 to 18:09

US joins crusade to end illegal migration in the Gambia

APA-Banjul (The Gambia) — The United States embassy in the Gambia has joined the crusade to end illegal migration dubbed the 'back-way' menace in the Gambia.

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19-Nov-2014 to 12:01

Botswana blacklists more S/African politicians

APA-Gaborone (Botswana) — Botswana has listed five more South Africans as persons who will be required to apply for visas when entering the country, APA learnt here on Wednesday.

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18-Nov-2014 to 08:33

Malawi police intercept 100 Ethiopians in Karonga district

APA-Lilongwe (Malawi) — Police in Malawi’s Karonga near the border with Tanzania have intercepted 100 illegal Ethiopian migrants who entered the country without authorised documents, a spokesperson said Tuesday.

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11-Nov-2014 to 15:47

More than 250 Gambian migrants deported from abroad – Immigration

APA-Banjul (The Gambia) — The Gambia Immigration Department has recorded that 255 Gambians were deported mainly from Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Spain and Italy as well as African countries like Tunisia and Angola from 2013 to date.

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11-Nov-2014 to 15:42

Morocco: New mass attempt to illegally break into Spain foiled

APA-Rabat (Morocco) — – Some 44 illegal immigrants who had been living in Morocco, early on Tuesday attempted to break into the Spanish Sebta enclave by trying to jump over the triple wire fence which marks the border with Morocco.

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