17-May-2022 to 12:59

G5 Sahel: EU rues Mali withdrawal

APA - Dakar (Senegal) By Abdou Cisse - — Mali’s decision to withdraw from the G5 Sahel has caused a reaction from the European Union (EU).

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05-May-2022 to 16:17

Niger: Refugees pouring in from neighbors

APA - Niamey (Niger) — Niger's authorities say it has registered more than 36,000 new refugees over four months, reports said on Thursday.

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03-May-2022 to 22:39

In Niger, Guterres discusses Sahel challenges

APA-Niamey (Niger) — After Dakar, UN Secretary General António Guterres arrived in Niger, a Sahel country plagued by the jihadist threat.

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28-Apr-2022 to 14:08

Niger: Defamation, insult offenses no longer lead to prison

APA - Niamey (Niger) — During the April 27, 2022 Council of Ministers, the government of Niger adopted the bill amending and supplementing the law of July 3, 2019, on the repression of cybercrime in Niger.

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21-Apr-2022 to 16:20

Niger minister jailed for misappropriation

APA-Niamey (Niger) — Mahamadou Zada who was jailed recently was accused of misappropriating public funds.

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31-Mar-2022 to 08:25

Niger to soon build a 250 MW wind farm in Tahou

APA-Niamey (Niger) — The infrastructure is the first in the country and will include up to 60 turbines, whose electricity will be integrated into the national and regional power grid.

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18-Mar-2022 to 11:08

AfDB bankrolls Niger’s eastern region opening-up

APA - Niamey (Niger) — The African Development Bank (AfDB) funding consists of a $71 million loan and a $56.8 million grant.

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